CNSL CAKE(Cashew Nut Shell Cake)

Cashew Nut Shell Cake

Cashew Nut Shell Cake is by product of Cashew Industry. Cashew Shell Cake is processed from Cashew Nut Shell by cold pressed method, after separating Cashew Nut Shell Oil. Cashew Nut Shell Cake gives good temperature when used directly or mixed with other fuel additives. Cashew shell cake is used in Boiler for Burning, Heating, for Burners, as a effective Fuel in many other formats, Soil Conditioner, Fertilizers etc.

It is one of the best fuels. It is mainly used by cement, tile & Brick manufacturing units and others. Our cashew nut shell cake is the perfect blend of long lasting shelf life with efficiency. The chemical analysis of the cashew shell oil cake is as follows.

Cashew Nut Shell Cake (cashew shell residue) is the residue obtained after pressing cashew nut shell to get cashew oil. This residue is used as a cheap boiler fuel with high heat up to 5000 Kcal.

Cashew residue is a flammable substance, easily mixed with chips and some other burning materials to accelerate the heat of the boiler. Therefore, cashew residue is often used as a fuel to replace other types of fuel such as coal, firewood, rice husk ... Currently, cashew nut-fired boilers are also being used very widely because of the low cost and abundant supply all year round.

Our Cashew Nut Shell Cake which is high acclaimed for quality and good performance and our Cashew Shell Cake give less pollution when comparing with some other fuel materials.

Our company specializes in supplying cashew shell cake in large quantities, meeting the long-term needs of customers, committed to a stable source of goods all year round, with competitive prices.